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This site is my work in progress to document and share my experience, resources and insight as a Mechatronics Engineering Instructor.

What is a STEAM Clown? It's the same as a regular Clown, but instead of making balloon animals... They teach you Technical stuff like Science, Math and Geeky Robot Stuff...

This site is under construction, but will be live'er soon...

Taipei - Introduction To Electronics Workshop

This was a workshop I'm doinig for visiting Students from Taipei, as well as a workshop I will teach summer of 2019 in Taipei. It is an introduction to Engineering and an overview of some AWESOME web resources to continue learning. Every one gets to flash an LED and then build more Digital Logic projects...


The main link to my class material is below

Mechatronics Engineering Google Site

AM Mechatronics Engineering 2018 Daily Blog

PM Mechatronics Engineering 2018 Daily Blog


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