STEAM Clown™

My Big Web Site Do List

Update Our Story

I want to update my story, with the Taipei workshop and summer workshop stuff.

Add SoMe icons

I want to update my update the SoMe icons in the footer.

Create a 'Upcoming Events' page

Create a Upcoming Events page and way to add stuff easily to an Events page, maybe with PHP and SQL.

Create a FAQ page

Create a FAQ and way to add stuff easily to an FAQ page, maybe with PHP and SQL.

My other big bullet list

  • Update teh Flip Timer Project, Add the links to images, the githb for the flip timer, and create a github site for the flip timer... add some links to git/github tutorials.
  • update legal page - make it a terms & disclaimer
  • Update project page with 8 Bit computer jump page
  • Create a Slack jump page
  • Update page sub pages to have just the sub page navigation
  • Create Units Template page
  • Redo the CSS layout so you can do more WISIWIG stuff
  • center bottom footer (and really redo it)
  • Add a what's new carousel for SoMe and other news
  • Add an engineering quote generator carousel
  • Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn feed
  • tune and update slack channels, update code of conduct and do some more research on good examples
  • update all the "list" pages to have an "add to" entry to add stuff (php and sql?)